Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Long time!!

Wow, so it has been 2 months since my last post, so I truly apologize for not keeping up on it!
So, Big things have happened since the last post.
I had my art show opening on April 18th, and had over 100 people attend to enjoy the artwork and the great music provided by Mike Westendorf and Distinctively Different (and I even sang a number or two!)
I really had a blast, but couldn't get over how tired I was. Well, turns out I had a little person starting to grow! I was pregnant, and just thought I was stressed. So, I had to re-think what my priorities art-wise are. No more stained glass for the next year (the chemicals are dangerous for me- but Jonathan can still do it!) So I am focusing more on my photography skills. I have had a couple of weddings already this year, and have several more to go, plus a couple in the works. I will post my favorites soon!
Thanks to Everyone who attended my show- I really appreciated all the wonderful compliments and the great questions everyone had!
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Briana said...

I am sooooo happy that God has blessed you with an amazing bundle of joy. I pray that the delivery goes smoothly and he is a happy, healthy baby boy.