Monday, February 18, 2008

"Portraits of Christ" Art Show

I have in the works a show featuring different portraits of Christ- showing His life, death, and resurrection through the eyes of a contemporary artist (me:)
It will be set up in a similar style as my last show (After the Fall)
It will be located at Point of Grace (2223 E. Kenwood) at the back of the chapel- set up with the look and feel of an East side coffee shop- featuring Live Music by Mike Westendorf and other musicians(yet to book)
Show Opening Night is April 18th, from 7 until 10:30
Parking, I know, is always a bear, but more spots open around the area at 7, and there is a parking structure just east of the UWM student union that is $1 per hour of parking.
Any questions, please contact me :)
Also, if you would like an invitation or fliers to put up in your church or workplace, please email me your address

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