Sunday, February 17, 2008

Wedding Photography

Yes, Wedding Season (may thru oct) seems ages away with all this snow that keeps smashing into WI, but now is really the time that you need to start booking your photographer! (those of you who are getting married in May or June, this is your wake-up call if you haven't booked your photographer yet!)
I have been working in photography since college, and still I like to think that I am more of an artist that I am a photographer, as I view my camera as yet another means to make some really great art, and people are awesome art subjects! I love capturing the emotion and beauty and all the little moments that make your wedding so special and unique.
Many people ask what type of photography I do, and sometimes that is very difficult to say, as I am still finding my niche into photography, but I guess the best way would be to say that I take great photojournalistic-style candids throughout the day, and throw in some fun, off the wall posed shots (they don't have to be off the wall, but I like them to be more relaxed and fun- not stiff and still-looking like many traditional shots are) Basically, my goal is to make you look your best, and make the rest of your guests feel comfortable enough that they feel and act like themselves even when there is a camera in front of them!
Take a look at my photo gallery at
Wedding packages start at only $1000- please contact me for more information!
Good Luck with your wedding plans!

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